About us

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About us

So you want to know more about us, right? No problem, let’s go ahead, after all a stranger is a friend you haven’t yet met.

We are Yolanda & Marcos, yes, we are a couple so most of the time you will find us traveling together anyhow from time to time you might see us as solo travelers (not much though). We are based in Puerto de la Cruz, a small lovely town in the Canary Islands (Spain).

This blog is about travel, there is no more to it. Travel is our passion and therefore we have made it a way of live but as we love our city so much we return home once and again, living permanently abroad is not our aim.

About us

Back in 2011 we started blogging, mainly in spanish on our sister blog La Gaveta Voladora. Why? To say the truth we wanted to share our knowledge (its not only all about us) our experiences on the road whist visiting different countrys. We also wanted to return the favor to all those people out there that had shared their trips with us in return for nothing, those old days!

Of course, who does not dream with traveling the world for some time? Well our dream came true.  In 2014 after several travels together we decided to quit our jobs, we decided to live life and go on a round the world trip that lasted 1 year. It was a gap year but we where over our 30´s at that time.

Trip to Rome

Since then we have visited many many countries (we don’t really make a count of them as we love the Slow Travel spirit. We love to pamper ourselves in the different places we visit, traveling in a rush is not our cup of tea.

This blog together with our other 2 projects (La Gaveta Voladora & Permiso Pico del Teide) also helps us to make a living. After many years working and blogging we determined to put together our passion for travels and the island we live on, therefore you will see many blog posts about Tenerife across this site.

Los Tilos waterfall in La Palma

In terms of how we make a living from the blog we are at times invited by tourism boards to write about their destination. In return we get paid a fee. We also work with some affiliates sites like Volcano Teide or Booking so if you make a purchase through the links that you can find on our site we will earn a small commission (no extra cost to you). We also organize tours on our island as we are Oficial Tourism Guides for the Canary Islands.

Yolanda Afonso

She has travelled since young age together with her family, specially touring Spain and central Europe. Maybe that’s what led her to study Tourism at La Laguna University (Tenerife). In addition she is an Official Tour Guide for the Seven Canary Islands, Guide for the Teide National Park and a Starlight Guide, which accredits her as an Official Guide for Stargazing.

Chocolate Hills in Bohol

Marcos Barrera

Marcos was born in Great Yarmouth (England). His mother is english so each and every summer they would travel from Spain to England to visit grandparents and relatives. Maybe that’s why the need to travel is so ingrained in him. The time he does not spend traveling (or writing about it) you will find him hiking up to the very top of Mount Teide (he is a Guide for the Teide National Park).

Happy hour Malapascua

What can you find in this site?

In this blog you will find different kind of trips, from a round the world trip carrying our backpacks to more relaxed traveling experiences. As said earlier we understand travel as a way of life. The important thing for us is to travel, see new ways of understanding life and learning from them.

You can contact us by dropping an email here

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