Portugal is one of the most visited countries of Europe, matter of fact this southern european country has see a rise in the number of inbound tourists due to the stunning beaches, rich history and an underrated cuisine it has to offer without forgetting some of the most impressive World Heritage Sites you can visit across its coast.

But now only the coast of Portugal is great. Cities like Lisbon and Oporto or regions like Algarve or de center of the country (Coimbra, Aveiro) are perfect places to hide away and relax. Portugal is a must visit country in Europe.

Also there are a number of islands sprinkled over the Atlantic Ocean that are well worth a visit. Madeira and the Azores are both great destinations by themselves. Matter of fact Azores, Madeira, the Savage Isles, the Canary Islands and Cape Verde are part of the Macaronesia region situated in the Atlantic.



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