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The best way to get up the volcano

I will say it straight away, most of the time I work at Teide National Park and have the luck to enjoy stunning views every so often from the top of Tenerifes main volcano thanks to Teide cable car. I truly get to admire some impressive scenes.

Teide cable runs from an altitude of 2.436 meters high (7.992 feet) and goes up to an incredible 3.555 meters above sea level (11.663 feet) which gift you an almost 360º view of the island, you can see this better if you walk up to the very top (3.718 meters high – 12.198 feet).

Walking up Teide

Over the years I have gotten to know some tricks regarding mount Teide cable car. Those kind of endorsements  that can make your trip hassle free specially if you are running short of time to visit Tenerife number 1 spot. Forget about queueing for your turn.

Online ticket for Teide cable car, how does it work

Lately there have been a number of changes at mount Teide’s cable car facilities. All of them with a quite clear objective: saving time for both employees and visitors, after all the more people the company get up the volcano the more profit they will get. 

Teide cable car

As a visitor the ideal scenario is to spend as little time as possible queuing to use Teide cable car and more time enjoying the beauties of the area itself. It might look easy but you must take into consideration that Teide National Park is the most visited in Europe (more than 4 million visitors).

As easy as it may look not long ago it was normal to arrive at the cable car booth located next to the base station just to find yourself queuing up to buy your ticket first and then joining yet another queue to access the cable car itself, it was really annoying.

Up on cable car in Tenerife

Standing in line for one or two hours before taking the ride up the volcano was an everyday issue and that, when you are on holidays, does not feel quite right (let us remind you that in summer season it is quite hot up there and during winter it can get really fresh at certain times of the day).

How does Teide cable car now works

Its the end of the endless queues. Wasting your precious time has finished. Teide cable car now works with schedules. If you buy your ticket in advanced (this means online) it will be you and only you the one who decides at what time you get on the cable car.

Online ticket for Teide cable car

Obviously,  there is no need to say that if you want to queue and buy the ticket once you are at the cable car facilities you can but you will need to follow these steps.

First you have to go to the ticket office (maybe there is a queue specially if you arrive at the same time as a bus full with tourists), once you pay for the ticket the staff will inform you at what time you can use the cable car. You may then think, what´s the problem?

View of Teide National Park

Maybe you will get there and –BIG SURPRISE– you will be informed that you have to wait two or three hours before the next cabin is available as all the tickets are sold out before the time you wish to got up mount Teide. You may then think you can check out for other areas while you wait. 

Now you will have problem number 2: parking your car. There is limited space (200 vehicles) so parking anywhere near the cable car is almost impossible not only at peak hours but most of the day. It´s not worth the hassle.

Ride on Tenerife cable car

Really, your best option is buying online tickets for Teide cable car. Just choose the time, arrive 30 minutes early to park and prepare yourself and enjoy the great experience. Simple and easy.

Buying Teide cable car tickets online

Buying online tickets for Teide cable car is really easy as their website is also in english. Just choose the time you wish to go up and forget about long queues.

Volcano Teide

How to buy online tickets for Teide cable car?

  • Enter Volcano Teide website (click here)
  • Choose your ticket (return, only ascent or only descent)
  • Select the date
  • Select the time
  • Make the payment (credit/debit card/PayPal)

Once payment has gone through you will receive in your inbox an email with an important link. Open it and you will find a QR code, this is your reservation. On the day you have booked for all you need to do is to go straight in to the entry called Ticket Online at least 10 minutes before your selected time.

Teide Cable Car Tickets

Your online ticket will be changed into the physical one for Teide cable car and you will access one of the cable car cabins. They run every 10 minutes and the ride is 7-8 minutes long, enough to make you wonder if you are in Mars or on the Moon, views are incredible!

What is the best time to get on the Teide cable car

With this new system running the queues have almost disappeared. Cabins go up and down every 10 minutes and for cabin there are a limited number of tickets sold. Anyhow, we always recommend to take the early bird tickets. At 9:00 am finding a space to park is not a problem and there are few people both, on the cable car and on the different trails you find up the very top.

Trail to top of Teide

Also, after you have enjoyed the experience up the volcano you will have enough time to visit the rest of Teide National Park, have lunch and discover some other towns around the island. Buying Teide cable car tickets online is the only way to make the most of your day if you travel on a short break to Tenerife.

Prices (2018) for Teide cable car

  • Resident (Canary Islands) adult: € 13.50
  • Non-resident adult: € 27
  • Child (Canary islands) resident: € 9.50
  • Child non-resident: € 13.50

Crater on Teide

More information about Teide cable car

• The cable car facilities are open from Monday to Sunday (9:00 am. to 05:00 pm.).

• It takes around 7-8 minutes to ascent from 2,356 meters to 3,555 meters.

• The upper station of Teide cable car is located in La Rambleta (3,555 meters) and there you will find 3 different trails.

• The most famous trail is number 10. It is called Telesforo Bravo and it is the path you need to take to reach Teides summit. This trail requires a special permit issued by Teide National Park. The permits are completely sold out weeks in advance so we recommend you to prepare your visit with some time.

• You can get your permits to access the very top of Teide. Bear in mind that there are only 200 permits issued per day so they run out very easy. If you wish to go up and permits are finished send us an email ( or contact us here) we may be able to help you as official guides we are (let us know number of pax and date you are requesting, we will get back to you asap).

• Other interesting trails that start from La Rambleta are trail number 11 (Mirador de La Fortaleza) and trail number 12 (Mirador de Pico Viejo). Both trails are very easy. It will take your around 45 minutes to complete each of them.

Top of mount Teide

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